Pinotage Cheese Pairing

Cheese and wine is probably my favorite Friday night meal. Add some sliced apple and a small bowl of olives and I’m ready to welcome the weekend. Pinotage cheese pairing needs to match the wine’s smoke, meat, and earth flavors to the cheese. Pair Pinotage with creamy cheese, like brie, smoked cheese, like gouda, and […]

Syrah Cheese Pairing Tips: 11 Tasty Picks

Syrah, a varietal known for its diverse expressions, works well with a range of cheeses, so you’ve got options! Depending on the style of Syrah you enjoy, you’ll want to match your wine with a complimentary cheese. Here’s what you need to know, along with 11 cheese pairing recommendations for your next bottle of Syrah […]

Nebbiolo Cheese Pairing: 8 Perfect Picks

Nebbiolo is definitely a food wine and not a solo sipper. You need something – anything – and cheese can be an easy option. Pair Nebbiolo wines with salty, creamy, and nutty cheeses, like Pecorino Toscano, Taleggio, and Manchego. These flavors will soften and enhance Nebbiolo’s tannin and acid structure, bringing out the wine’s red […]

What Cheese Goes with Merlot Wine? 9 Cheesy Choices

Whether you’re putting together DIY a Merlot and cheese gift basket, or preparing a Merlot wine tasting, you’ve got options when it comes to Merlot and cheese pairing ideas. Merlot pairs well with many different kinds of cheese. Semi-hard cheeses with nutty, salty flavors are perfect, like Manchego and Parmesan. But Merlot also works with […]

Easiest Appetizers for Wine Tasting: 14 Great Picks

If you’re in the habit of hosting last-minute wine tastings, or just not that into cooking, then you’ll want super easy appetizer options. The easiest appetizers for wine tastings are pre-packaged, shelf-stable, or easy to grab and go. Foods like popcorn, chips, cheese, olives, and even sushi are great appetizer options that complement wine tastings. […]