Top Picks for Fall Wines: 11 Bottles to Elevate Your Autumn

As the leaves turn and the air gets crisper, there’s an undeniable yearning for comfort. Steaming tea. Wooly sweaters. Cozy fires. The season leaves you yearning for something to warm your insides. That something is wine. In this fall wine guide, you’ll find a list of widely available fall wines that are perfect for the […]

Nebbiolo vs Barbera

Two Italian red wines, Nebbiolo and Barbera, grow in the same region of Northwestern Italy, but just how are they different? Barbera is a red Italian wine with a lighter body, medium tannins, higher acid, deep color, and intense cherry and blackberries. Nebbiolo, a paler Italian red, has high acid, rasping tannins with rose and […]

Barbera: A Comprehensive Guide

Pronunciation: bar-BEHR-uh Barbera, a red wine varietal, finds itself at home in the vineyards of northwestern Italy. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, this comprehensive Baraber guide will introduce you to this delicious red wine. What Kind of Wine Is Barbera? Barbera is a medium-bodied red wine with medium to high acidity, […]

12 Must-Try Wines Similar to Merlot

If you’re a fan of the velvety allure of Merlot, but want to try something new, then you have options. Red wines like Merlot but not Merlot include: Malbec, Grenache, Gamay, Cinsault, Barbera, Dolcetto, Tempranillo, Mourvedre, Carignan, Counoise, Bonarda, and Dornfelder. Merlot’s soft, medium body and velvet texture profile make it an approachable red wine […]

What Makes a Chianti Wine? 7 Quick Chianti Facts

What’s not to love? At home in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Chianti is the perfect wine for spaghetti night. Uncork these 7 fun facts about this Italian grape and pick a great bottle of Chianti every time.