Pinot Noir Cheese Pairing: 10 Recommendations

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Pinot Noir is renowned for its fruit-forward, earthy style, offering layers of subtle flavor.

This versatility extends to the world of cheeses, making Pinot Noir and cheese pairing a fun experiment to try with friends and family.

Most Pinot Noirs are light to medium-bodied because of the grape’s physical characteristics. However, Pinot Noir wine styles vary and can significantly influence the choice of cheese.

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Here are the different styles of Pinot Noir and their ideal cheese companions:

Pinot Noir Styles

  1. Light Pinot Noir: Light Pinot Noir is delicate and elegant, featuring bright red fruit flavors and a gentle tannic structure. Wines from regions like Central California and the sub-AVAs of the Willamette Valley often embody this style.
  2. Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir: Medium-bodied Pinot Noir strikes a balance between lightness and richness, offering a blend of red and dark fruit flavors with a bit more depth and structure, with possible spice or earth undertones. Many Pinots from Burgundy fall in this category.
  3. Fuller-Bodied Pinot Noir: Fuller-bodied Pinot Noirs are uncommon, but can come from warmer, more generic labels, like California Pinot Noir. Inexpensive Pinots tend to fall in this category (under $5). These wines will have jammier fruits, and maybe even some sweetness to them, making them feel heavier in your mouth.

Pinot Noir and Cheese Pairing Recommendations

  1. Camembert: Pair with: Light Pinot Noir or Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  2. Brie: Pair with: Light Pinot Noir or Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  3. Munster: Pair with: Full-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  4. Fontina: Pair with: Full-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  5. Goat Cheese (Chèvre): Pair with: Light Pinot Noir or Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  6. Gruyère: Pair with: Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  7. Comté: Pair with: Light Pinot Noir or Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  8. Havarti: Pair with: Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir.
  9. Colby: Pair with: Light Pinot Noir.
  10. Roquefort: Pair with: Medium-Bodied Pinot Noir or Full-Bodied Pinot Noir.

My personal favorite Pinot Noir and cheese pairing is goat cheese. I don’t often come across the fuller-bodied Pinot styles, and chèvre brings a creamy tang.

Also, you can find herb-infused goat cheese (or make it yourself), which brings added layers of depth to your wine pairing. Discover: Goat Cheese and Wine Pairing Guide

Helpful Tip: Herbal flavors always work well with Pinot Noirs. So don’t hold back on herb-infused cheeses.

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Final Thoughts: Cheese and Pinot Noir Pairing

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Each cheese offers a unique interplay of flavors with the distinct styles of Pinot Noir.

From the delicate harmony of Camembert with a light Pinot Noir to the robust embrace of Munster with a full-bodied Pinot Noir, there’s a perfect pairing for every wine enthusiast.

I highly recommend trying 2 or 3 of the cheeses above with your next bottle of Pinot Noir to get a good sense of how the flavors interplay. Yum!

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