What Type of Wine Is Moscato?

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Moscato is a light, slightly sweet, low alcohol type of wine. Moscato is an aromatic wine with perfume, grape, citrus, and peach notes. Moscato is affordable.

3 Major Types of Moscato: Still, Semi-Sparkling, and Sparkling

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I know that this is a low-alcohol, sweet, spritzy, perfumed, and aromatic white Moscato wine. This is probably what you’re thinking of when you hear ‘Moscato’. Hugely popular style. You have good taste.

There are 3 major types of Moscato wine sold widely: Still, Semi-Sparkling, and Fully Sparkling.

Still Moscato

A still Moscato is dry to off-dry with less (or no) noticeable sweetness. Still Moscato will be around 12% ABV.

Semi-Sparkling Moscato

Semi-Sparkling Moscato (known as frizzante) is probably the style you’re thinking about and has grown in popularity in recent years. The most popular style is lower in alcohol with noticeable sweetness and a tiny spritz. Moscato d’Asti falls under this category. It usually has a screwcap. Depending on its sweetness level, semi-sparkling Moscato can be anywhere from 5%-8% ABV.

Sparkling Moscato

You’ll find fully sparkling Moscato bottled in a Champagne-style bottle with foil and wire cage or over the cork or a crown cap. These are aromatic, sweet bubbly wines perfect for pairing with cake. Sparkling Moscato is low-alcohol (5-8.5% ABV). Asti Spumanti falls under this category.

Fun Wine Fact: Muscat grapes also go into fortified dessert wines, like Vin Doux Naturel and White Port. If you enjoy luscious, high-alcohol wines, then check them out – but you’ll probably only find them at specialty wine stores.

What Grape Is Moscato Made From?

Moscato wine is made from a white grape called Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains. It’s the most aromatic grape in the Muscat family (there’s no one Muscat grape).

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What Color Is Moscato Wine?

Moscato wines are typically white, but you can find pink Moscato as well. There are red Moscato wines, but these are rare.

What Type of Wine Is Moscato: What Does Moscato Taste Like?

Moscato is a semi-sweet, low alcohol, light-bodied, perfumed white wine with rose, orange blossom, tangerine, peach, and even grapey flavors. Most Moscato is 5%-8% ABV, making it a great wine if you’re watching your alcohol intake.

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Is Moscato Sweet or Dry?

Moscato is made in a sweetish style. The sweetness in the wine is 100% natural and comes from unfermented grape juice.

Helpful Moscato Wine Buying Tip: Sweetness and alcohol level have an inverse relationship when shopping for Moscato. The higher the alcohol, the drier the wine. The lower the alcohol, the sweeter the wine. Now you know!

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What Type of Wine Is Moscato: Best Moscato Food Pairing

Thanks to its low alcohol, light body, and sweet nature, Moscato pairs well with a range of foods, including:

  • Salads: Leafy greens pair well with any number of dressings – from creamy ranch to vinegarettes. Add a handful of your favorite nuts to bring synergy and depth
  • Fruit: Moscato’s sweet kiss makes it a good pairing partner for fruit, whether in slices or in a salad, it’s up to you.
  • Sushi: Moscato wine balances out the umami in your sushi and ginger kick.
  • Spicy Asian: Moscato is a go-to wine for Asian dishes that have chili heat.
  • Creamy and Fresh Cheeses: Moscato wines work best with creamy cheeses (think Brie), and fresh cheeses (e.g., goat cheese). Stay away from aged cheeses and cheeses

Here’s a quick video on how to pair food and wine (more here).

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