Petite Sirah Food Pairing Quick Guide

If you’re opening a bottle of Petite Sirah tonight and looking for Petite Sirah food pairing ideas that’ll fit into your busy lifestyle, then here’s just the quick guide you need to get started. Just getting started with Petite Sirah wine? Head over to this Petite Sirah wine guide. 1. Grilled Ribeye Steak Fire up […]

Petite Sirah vs Pinot Noir

Despite similar sounding names, Petite Sirah vs Pinot Noir are two distinctive red wines. Petite Sirah has more color, tannin, and body than Pinot Noir. Petite Sirah is black-fruited. Pinot Noir has red fruit, higher acid, and a lighter body. TL;DR: If you like Pinot Noir’s easy-drinking, mellow tannin, and bright red fruit and dislike […]

Merlot vs Petite Sirah

Merlot vs Petite Sirah is an interesting comparison. These are very different red wines. Petite Sirah has a fuller body, much higher tannins, and dark fruits and spices compared to Merlot. Merlot has a medium body, medium aroma and flavor intensity, and soft tannins with plum notes. TL;DR: If you love the plush, velvety softness […]

Chewy Red Wines: What It Means and Wines to Try

Chewy red wines are known for their rich and full-bodied nature. They offer a unique tasting experience due to their specific characteristics. What Makes Chewy Red Wine Unique? Tannin Discover the Richness and Body When you hear someone describe a wine as “chewy”, they are almost always talking about a red wine and almost always […]

Petite Sirah: A Comprehensive Guide

Pronunciation: puh-TEET see-RAH or peh-TEET si-RAW Petite Sirah is a red wine grape that makes tannic, full-bodied red wines. It’s not the same as Syrah. The grape’s used as a blending partner to deepen the color of other wines. Pair Petite Sirah with rich stews and BBQ. Here’s what you need to know about Petite […]

11 Strong Red Wines to Try Tonight!

So, you’re looking for a red wine with a little brawn to it? Something that will bite back with your BBQ brisket? Climate and grape variety both play a role in crafting strong red wines. Widely available good strong red wines with high alcohol include Zinfandel, warm climate Cabernet Sauvignon, and new world Syrah (Shiraz). […]