Carignan Wine Guide: Sometimes It’s Even Good

Pronunciation: care-ree-NYEHN Carignan is a red wine grape with its roots tracing back to Spain. It serves both as a blending grape in various wine regions and as a single varietal, showcasing its (very) unique character. This grape variety produces a robust, medium-bodied dry red wine with notes of blackberry, cherry, and a touch of […]

Top Picks for Fall Wines: 11 Bottles to Elevate Your Autumn

As the leaves turn and the air gets crisper, there’s an undeniable yearning for comfort. Steaming tea. Wooly sweaters. Cozy fires. The season leaves you yearning for something to warm your insides. That something is wine. In this fall wine guide, you’ll find a list of widely available fall wines that are perfect for the […]

Grenache Blanc: A Comprehensive Guide

Grenache Blanc, also known as Garnacha Blanca, is a white wine varietal originating from Spain and now grown in various regions worldwide. With its distinctive flavor profile of juicy stone fruits, citrus, and herbal notes, Grenache Blanc offers a refreshing and versatile white wine experience.

Affordable Wines for Beginners

Affordable Wines for Beginners Wine Color Descriptors Pinot Grigio White Light, Crisp, Citrusy, Refreshing Chardonnay White Buttery, Oaky, Tropical, Full-bodied Sauvignon Blanc White Zesty, Herbaceous, Citrus, Grassy Pinot Noir Red Silky, Red Berry, Earthy, Light-bodied Malbec Red Rich, Dark Fruit, Spicy, Velvety Cabernet Sauvignon Red Firm, Black Currant, Cedar, Structured Shiraz Red Bold, Blackberry, Peppery, […]

How Is Rose Made?

Who doesn’t love an uncomplicated glass of chilled rose wine on a lazy afternoon?  There are four ways to make rosé wine: maceration, direct press, saigneé, and blending. Winemakers choose one method over the other based on the pink wine style they want to make, and in some regions, tradition. Here’s what you need to […]