Nebbiolo Cheese Pairing: 8 Perfect Picks

Nebbiolo is definitely a food wine and not a solo sipper. You need something – anything – and cheese can be an easy option. Pair Nebbiolo wines with salty, creamy, and nutty cheeses, like Pecorino Toscano, Taleggio, and Manchego. These flavors will soften and enhance Nebbiolo’s tannin and acid structure, bringing out the wine’s red […]

What Cheese Goes with Merlot Wine? 9 Cheesy Choices

Whether you’re putting together DIY a Merlot and cheese gift basket, or preparing a Merlot wine tasting, you’ve got options when it comes to Merlot and cheese pairing ideas. Merlot pairs well with many different kinds of cheese. Semi-hard cheeses with nutty, salty flavors are perfect, like Manchego and Parmesan. But Merlot also works with […]