What Wine Is Dry White? 11 Dry White Wines to Try Tonight (or cook with)

Whether you have a recipe that calls for a dry white wine, or you’re looking for a bottle to drink, you’ve got options. If you see “Dry White” on a wine label, then the wine is a blend of white grapes. Widely available dry white wines include Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscadet, Albariño, Pinot Grigio, Soave, […]

Grenache Blanc: A Comprehensive Guide

Grenache Blanc, also known as Garnacha Blanca, is a white wine varietal originating from Spain and now grown in various regions worldwide. With its distinctive flavor profile of juicy stone fruits, citrus, and herbal notes, Grenache Blanc offers a refreshing and versatile white wine experience.