Tannat vs Syrah

Comparing Tannat vs Syrah is a fun exercise. We think of Syrah as a big red wine, but Tannat is a worthy competitor. Tannat and Syrah both have high tannins and a firm structure. Syrah has a black pepper and olive note, Tannat has lower acid, licorice, and smoke. Both are big wines. TL;DR: If […]

11 Strong Red Wines to Try Tonight!

So, you’re looking for a red wine with a little brawn to it? Something that will bite back with your BBQ brisket? Climate and grape variety both play a role in crafting strong red wines. Widely available good strong red wines with high alcohol include Zinfandel, warm climate Cabernet Sauvignon, and new world Syrah (Shiraz). […]

What Is Barossa Wine?

Australia’s Barossa zone is known for rich, powerful Shiraz wines that account for 50% of the region’s plantings, as well as elegant Rieslings grown higher up in the Eden Valley. Check out Barossa’s classic offerings.