How Do Oak Barrels Affect Wine?

French vs American Oak Wine Barrels French vs American Oak Wine Barrels Characteristic French Oak American Oak Cost (New Barrel) $800 – $2,500 $400 – $1,200 Price per Bottle (Estimate) $4 $2.50 Flavors Subtle, complex, vanilla, spice Bolder, stronger, vanilla, coconut, dill Oak Forest Locations Central France (e.g., Limousin, Allier) Various regions in the United […]

14 Study Strategies for the Spanish Wine Scholar Exam

Close your eyes and conjure images of Spain. What do you envision? Plazas. Palaces. Windmills. Wine. And the Spanish Wine Scholar exam. The Spanish Wine Scholar (SWS) program, through the Wine Scholar Guild, is the perfect opportunity for wine students to get an in-depth look at the exciting wines emerging from Spain today. Here are 14 strategies […]