Barbera: A Comprehensive Guide

Pronunciation: bar-BEHR-uh Barbera, a red wine varietal, finds itself at home in the vineyards of northwestern Italy. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, this comprehensive Baraber guide will introduce you to this delicious red wine. What Kind of Wine Is Barbera? Barbera is a medium-bodied red wine with medium to high acidity, […]

Easiest Appetizers for Wine Tasting: 14 Great Picks

If you’re in the habit of hosting last-minute wine tastings, or just not that into cooking, then you’ll want super easy appetizer options. The easiest appetizers for wine tastings are pre-packaged, shelf-stable, or easy to grab and go. Foods like popcorn, chips, cheese, olives, and even sushi are great appetizer options that complement wine tastings. […]

A Good Red Wine for Beginners

Red wines are a little intimidating. They come in such a divergent range of profiles and flavors, that it’s no wonder you can stand in front of an isle of 100 different wines and decide it’s better to walk away empty handed.  A good red wine for beginners helps you learn about different grape profiles. […]