Moscato vs Rose: Quick Guide

Characteristics Moscato Rose Hue Pale lemon Pale pink to salmon Color White Pink Aromas Musky, orange blossom, tropical fruit Citrus, stone, red berry, melon, candy, flower, herbs Sweetness Mostly sweet Dry to Sweet Acid Medium to high Medium to high Alcohol (%) 5-11% 11% – 13% Body Light Light to Medium Intensity Medium Medium to […]

21 Winning Wine Tasting Food Ideas For Your Next Event

Looking for food ideas for your next wine tasting? The best foods for wine tasting have protein, salt, and fat. These elements help keep your palate fresh while you sip. Great foods to eat with wine tasting include olives, charcuterie, cheeses, and even french fries.  Helpful Tip: If you’re doing a red wine tasting specifically, […]

Rosé Wine Grapes

I’m always curious to know exactly what’s in my glass, and rosé is a perfect example of a wine where no one bottle seems to be the same. Technically, winemakers can use any red grape to make a rose wine. Some rose wine grapes are more popular for making pink wines thanks to their flavor […]

How Is Rose Made?

Who doesn’t love an uncomplicated glass of chilled rose wine on a lazy afternoon?  There are four ways to make rosé wine: maceration, direct press, saigneé, and blending. Winemakers choose one method over the other based on the pink wine style they want to make, and in some regions, tradition. Here’s what you need to […]