Carignan Wine Guide: Sometimes It’s Even Good

Pronunciation: care-ree-NYEHN Carignan is a red wine grape with its roots tracing back to Spain. It serves both as a blending grape in various wine regions and as a single varietal, showcasing its (very) unique character. This grape variety produces a robust, medium-bodied dry red wine with notes of blackberry, cherry, and a touch of […]

Cabernet Sauvignon: A Comprehensive Guide

Pronunciation: kah-buhr-NAY soh-vin-YAWN Cabernet Sauvignon, a red wine varietal, is renowned worldwide for its exceptional qualities. Originally from Bordeaux, France, today Cabernet Sauvignon is found around the world with its full-body and black fruit flavors. What Kind of Wine Is Cabernet Sauvignon? Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium to full-bodied red wine with moderate acidity, pronounced […]

Zinfandel: A Comprehensive Guide

Pronunciation: ZIN-fuhn-del Zinfandel, a bold red wine varietal, embodies captivating richness. Whether you’re an avid wine connoisseur or a curious novice, this quick guide gives you an introduction to Zinfandel. What Kind of Wine Is Zinfandel? Zinfandel is a full-bodied red wine with moderate acidity, pronounced tannins, and varying alcohol levels. It often exhibits a […]