Albariño vs Sancerre

Characteristics Albariño Sancerre Hue Pale to medium lemon Pale to medium lemon Color White White Aromas Citrus, peach, apricot, saline Green apple, gooseberry, mineral, stone fruit Sweetness Dry Dry Acid High High Alcohol (%) 11-13.5% 12.5-14% Body Light to medium Medium Intensity Medium to pronounced Medium to Pronounced Key Growing Regions Spain (Rias Baixas), Portugal […]

Albariño vs Verdejo

Albariño vs Verdejo are logical wines to compare. They’re both classic Spanish white wines. Both Albariño and Verdejo are citrus-driven white wines. Albariño has higher acid than Verdejo. Verdejo has an herbal note, Albariño can be saline. Both pair well with seafood, salads, and appetizers. TL;DR: If you love Albariño, you’ll enjoy Verdejo. Here’s what […]

Albariño vs Sauvignon Blanc

Albariño vs Sauvignon Blanc are logical wines to compare. Both Albariño and Sauvignon Blanc are high acid, citrus-driven white wines. Sauvignon Blanc is more aromatic with green to tropical fruit. Entry-level Sauvignon Blanc is more widely available than Albariño, but you’ll find both wines delicious at $15-$20 USD. TL;DR: If you love Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll […]

Barbera: A Comprehensive Guide

Pronunciation: bar-BEHR-uh Barbera, a red wine varietal, finds itself at home in the vineyards of northwestern Italy. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, this comprehensive Baraber guide will introduce you to this delicious red wine. What Kind of Wine Is Barbera? Barbera is a medium-bodied red wine with medium to high acidity, […]

Albariño vs Pinot Grigio: Contrasting White Wines

Albariño and Pinot Grigio may seem similar, but they have contrasting styles.  Pinot Grigio has a lighter, more delicate style than Albariño. Albariño has more body, flavor and aroma intensity than Pinot Grigio. Entry-level Pinot Grigio is more widely available, but you’ll find both wines delicious at $15-$20 USD. These wines offer unique flavor profiles, […]