19 Gluten Free Wine Brands in 2023

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As a garagiste winemaker, wine educator, wine blogger, and someone living with Celiac, the topic of gluten free wine holds special interest for me.

Wine is naturally gluten free, but the information available on gluten in wine is confusing. Here’s a list of 19 popular US wine brands that market their wines as gluten free. If you’re sensitive to gluten or have Celiac, stay away from wine coolers and flavored wine drinks unless specifically marketed as gluten free.

🤬This is why gluten free wine is so confusing….

I tried to search Wine.com for gluten free wines, but they don’t have a filter and I couldn’t get the website to list gluten free wines. So, I used their helpful chatbot. The sommelier who popped online reports that all wines are gluten free.

Here’s the transcript:


This is unhelpful, especially if you are super sensitive to wheat gluten and want to avoid gluten at all costs – like kryptonite-level allergic.

Meanwhile, I reached out to several wine brands (all of those listed below and more!), and I asked Meomi, one of the leading red wine brands in the US, if their wines were gluten free.

According to Meomi’s customer service, most wines have some gluten in them. This is also not helpful, but at least they are putting consumer health first.

gluten free wine brands - meiomi

List of Gluten Free Wine Brands

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I know firsthand how stressful it can be trying to navigate food labels in general, but wine labels are a special pain because producers aren’t required to list ingredients (except for sulfites).

Here’s a list of 19 wine brands that make gluten free wine and that you should be able to find in most US markets. As I come across more labels, I will update this list.

Note: I checked ALL of the websites or emailed these producers personally for each of the wine brands listed below. Hyperlinks provided. If I couldn’t verify directly with the producer, then you won’t find the brand listed here.

This list of gluten free wine brands is current as of 2023.

Also – I haven’t personally tried all of these wines, so I can’t tell you whether they’re good or not, but I hope that you find the wines that you love to drink listed here!

If you don’t, don’t give up! Email the winery or wine producer and ask. You’ll find most in the wine industry eager to help you feel comfortable (and safe) drinking their wines.

Gluten Free Wine Brand # 1: All Wines – FitVine Wine

FitVine Wine’s red, white, and sparkling varietals are all gluten-free and vegan with no flavor additives and no compromise to complement all lifestyles.

Gluten Free Wine Brand # 2: Apothic

apothic gluten free wine brand

All products produced by Apothic® in the United States are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s current proposed rule defining the term “gluten-free”, which means the products contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

Gluten Free Wine Brand # 3: Avaline

We knew the contents of everything that went onto and into our bodies — why not wine? We believe it’s important for our customers to know exactly what they’re sipping, which is why we maintain the highest standards for ingredient transparency. 100% VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE!

Gluten Free Wine Brand # 4: Barefoot

barefoot wines gluten free wine brand

All products produced by Barefoot® in the United States are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s current proposed rule defining the term “gluten-free”, which means the products contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #5: Wine Nutrition Facts – Cupcake Lighthearted

cupcake wine gluten free wine brand

If you like Cupcake Wines, then check out their newest product line: Cupcake Lighthearted. They’re clearly targeting the health-conscious crowd, but that’s okay, especially if you’re looking for gluten free wines! According to their website:

Nothing in our wines contains gluten and they are made in gluten free areas.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #6:  CK Mondavi and Family

Are your wines Gluten Free? CK Mondavi wines are gluten free, there are no gluten or lactose in our wines, nor do we use any fining agents that contain wheat.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #7: Cline Family Cellars

gluten free wine brands - cline

All of our wines are Vegan and Gluten Free.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #8: Franciscan Estate

All products produced by Franciscan® in the United States are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s current proposed rule defining the term “gluten-free”, which means the products contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

Gluten Free Wine #9: Frey Vineyards

Frey Organic Wines are Vegan and Gluten Free: No Animal or Gluten-Based Fining Agents Used.

Gluten Free Wine #10: Jam Jar Wines


Jam Jar is No Added Sugar · Gluten Free · Vegan. A perfect wine choice if you’re living a gluten free lifestyle.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #11: LYBL Live Your Best Life

California- Sustainably farmed, vegan friendly, and gluten-free wine is mindful moderation at its finest.

Note: LYBL is a label made under the Scheid Family wine brand. You won’t find LYBL wines listed as its own winery. Here’s a link to Total Wine with their gluten free wine description.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #12: Shaw Organic

shaw organic wine gluten free

Trader Joe’s Shaw Organic is Gluten Free Shaw Organic – Bronco Trade

Since 2012, Shaw Winery has been producing wines made with organic grapes.

We continue to strive to provide a collection of quality California wines with a focus on Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Rosé and a Red Blend that are gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #13: Mateus Rosé

mateus rose gluten free wine brand

Mateus Rosé Original is Gluten Free

SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS Yes. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS No. Gluten-Free. Allergens: Contains sulfites.

Helpful Tip: Mateus has a long history of winemaking that helped shape the US drinking culture. Check out the backstory with this fun post on why we drink rose wine on Valentine’s Day.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #14: CK Mondavi and Family

CK Mondavi wines are gluten free, there are no gluten or lactose in our wines, nor do we use any fining agents that contain wheat or gluten.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #15: Oyster Bay Wines


Oyster Bay Wine – Gluten Free

Are your wines gluten free? Our wines are considered gluten free as they are made from grapes that contain no gluten, and no gluten containing products are added during the winemaking process.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #16: Stella Rosa


Are Stella Rosa Wines Gluten free? Stella Rosa wines are gluten-free. They do not contain wheat, rye, or barley.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #17: Sunny with a Chance of Flowers Wines

sunny wines gluten free wine brand

From the website: Sunny is made for mindful wine lovers – who, like us, believe less can be more. Zero sugar, fewer calories and less alcohol, yet still positively delicious! It’s everything you want in a wine and morecertified sustainable, vegan and gluten-free.

Gluten Free Wine Brand #18: Sutter Home Vineyards

sutter home vineyards gluten free wine brand

All Sutter Home wines are gluten free. As an aside – I do wish they’d post this on their website… Oh well… moving on…

Gluten Free Wine Brand #19: [yellow tail]

gluten free wine brands - yellowtail

Yellow Tail Wines – Yes, Yellow Tail wines are gluten free.

Can people with Celiac disease drink wine?

Yes, people living with Celiac disease can drink wine. Wine’s naturally gluten free and made from fermented grapes.

Does Wine Have Gluten In It?

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Almost all wines are gluten free. There are two exceptions where the winemaking process could *maybe* introduce gluten, but these are unlikely.

  1. The first process is if the wine is aged in barrels where the barrel maker used a wheat paste to seal the lid of the barrel during the winemaking process. This holds the slats together while the cooper forms the barrel.
  2. The second process that may introduce wheat gluten is when the winemaker fines the wine and could use gluten as a fining agent (this makes the wine sparkly clear).

Helpful Tip: Did you know we’ve been using oak barrels for wine since the Romans? Here’s a fun post that covers everything you need to know about winemaking and oak.

Here’s why both of these processes are unlikely to cause you issues.

Wine Barrels Aren’t Likely to Be a Gluten Problem (But it’s not 100%) Because…

  1. Barrels go through some of the most rigorous cleaning in the winery before any wine goes into them. We’re talking high-powered steam cleaning and sulfite solutions. The likelihood of wheat proteins getting in your wine from the barrel is minute.
  2. There’s no scientific evidence that wheat gluten from the barrel-making process gets transferred to your wine.

It’s Unlikely Wheat Gluten’s Used as a Fining Agent Because…

  1. Gluten as a fining agent isn’t widely used (In fact, I’ve never heard of it being used outside of scientific papers to see if gluten works as a fining agent). 
  2. Winemakers explored gluten as a fining agent 20 years ago because people were allergic to eggs and they wanted to decrease the risk of allergic reactions for those with egg allergies. It didn’t catch on. (Why would they switch one allergen for another?)
  3. Today, the most common natural fining agents are egg whites, gelatin, clay, pea protein, and a synthetic fining agent called PVPP. If you’re allergic to eggs, you need to look for ‘vegan wines’, which is a separate category from gluten free wines.

Here’s a link to the Australian Wine Institute’s page on fining agents, one of the world’s foremost wine research programs. You’ll notice that there’s nothing with gluten on this page. Every fining agent listed is common practice in the wine industry today.

Wine uses yeast for fermentation, does that have anything to do with gluten?

You’re correct that wine is made using yeast that ferments grape juice into alcohol.

Commercial wine yeast comes from special laboratories and have nothing to do with the baking yeast you’d use for your sourdough or pizza crust. Wine yeast is always gluten free and has nothing to do with baking or bread or baking bread.

Helpful Tip: Check out this post on how wine fermentation works. Yeast are my heroes!

As someone with Celiac who does professional wine tastings, makes wine, and drinks lots of wine, do you worry about cross-contamination and gluten from wine?

Honestly, no. I don’t worry about cross-contamination from wine. Ever. 

Why not?

I know how the winemaking process works, how winery sanitation works (including barrel cleaning), and how fining agents work. I’ve also read the limited science available on cross-contamination in the winery from wine barrels.

I’m more concerned about eating out at a restaurant that’s not 100% gluten free than I am from anything that’s happening in a winery. 

Helpful Tip: Here’s a rundown post on what the winemaking industry knows about gluten in wine.

However, health and well-being are deeply personal and I respect individual choice.

That’s why I’ve only listed wine brands above that anyone (even you) can confirm are 100% gluten free.

Cheap, Inexpensive Wines Are Good Options for Celiacs

gluten free wine brands

If you’re out shopping for wine and are 100% committed to only drinking gluten-free wines, go for the cheap stuff. 

The two possible sources for gluten cross-contamination in winemaking – barrels and fining agents – won’t ever be an issue with cheap, extreme-value wines.

Why not?

  • Inexpensive wines never go into oak barrels. Oak barrels are too expensive for a product with thin profit margins.
  • Inexpensive wines rely on mainstream fining agents, not wheat gluten.

Final Thoughts – Looking for Gluten Free Wine Brands? You Have Options!

If you’re looking for a gluten free wine brand, you have options! Many mainstream wine labels advertise that they are gluten free in their winemaking processes. This list of 19 widely-available wine brands is a great way to fill your glass while living your best gluten-free lifestyle.

And if you don’t see your favorite brand on this list, go ahead and send a query to their customer service. Chances are very good that your go-to wine is gluten free!

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