Calculator: How Many Bottles of Wine for a Party?

This wine calculator estimates that guests will drink about one glass of wine per hour at your event.

Wine Calculator

Wine Calculator

How Much Wine for a Party?

Heavy or Lighter Drinkers

This wine calculator estimates that guests will drink about one glass of wine per hour at your event. How to calculate how many bottles of wine for your party guests isn’t difficult, but do keep in mind a few things.

If you have a bunch of lushes attending (my friend group would totally fall under this category), you may want to increase that amount by 25%. No judgment.

If you know that your guests are a little more conservative in their drinking habits, or if you’re serving other alcoholic beverages, then reduce the total amount by 25%.

How Many Bottles of Red and White Wine for an Event: Wine Calculator

When planning a party and deciding on the right amount of red or white wine, there are a few factors to consider that will ensure your guests are happy without going overboard.

Firstly, assess your guest list and their preferences. Take note of whether they lean towards red or white wine. If it’s a mixed crowd, a good rule of thumb is to have a 50-50 split between red and white to cater to varied tastes.

What Type of Menu Will You Have?

Next, consider the menu and the types of dishes you’ll be serving.

  • Red wine typically pairs well with hearty and bold flavors like red meats and pasta dishes, making it a great choice for a party where these dishes are featured.
  • White wine complements lighter fare like seafood, salads, and poultry.

Aim for a ratio that aligns with your menu; if you’re serving mostly red-meat-based dishes, allocate a larger portion of red wine.

What Season Is It?

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Next, think about the season and setting for your party. An outdoor event in the summer will have more of your guests reaching for lighter white wines. But are you hosting a chilly winter dinner? Expect to pour more red wines.

Don’t forget to factor in the duration of the party and the drinking habits of your guests to make an informed decision on the ideal quantity of red and white wine.

Use the party wine calculator above and have a great time!

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